Meet the Team!

Slandercast Summer Studio is run by Eren and Isaac, and features a wonderful team of
developers that we hired to make the game this summer into a reality!

Eren Slifker, Game Director

Eren Slifker (they/them) is a game designer and composer studying at the University of Chicago. A composer, multi-instrumentalist, video editor, audio engineer, graphic designer, baker, and educator, Eren loves combining their wide range of interests and creative practices to create meaningful interactive and digital experiences. They are also clearly completely unable to stop picking up new skills (please make them stop). You check out their work at

Thomas Nielsen, Narrative Designer

Thomas Nielsen (she/her) is a game designer and writer. You can play her games here:

Isaac Berman, Producer

Isaac  is a recent graduate (math, CS, MAAD) heading rapidly towards the game industry in programming and/or production. He has a passion for buying games on Steam sales and then waiting 3 years to play them -- he spends most of his time speedrunning Celeste or playing Microsoft Solitaire Collection on his phone anyways. You can find Isaac at

Nora Jovine, Artist 

Nora Jovine is a Cinema and Media studies and Media arts and Design majour. She consumes content much to fast and has an unhelthy dependency on Hatsune Miku. You can see some Miku (or whatever other phase she is in) at  Other than that she wishes you a fantastic day!

Silvia Martinez, Artist

Silvia Martinez (she/they) is a Media Arts and Design and Visual Arts double major (with plans to hopefully minor in Computer Science). She spends most of her time either playing Dungeons and Dragons or trying to watch all 3 campaigns of Critical Role. When she does post her art, you can find it here:

Elle Thompson, Artist

Elle Thompson is a Creative Writing and Media Arts and Design Double Major. Despite this, she can’t write a bio to save her life. When she isn’t consuming content in the name of “research” she spends her time 3D modeling and drawing art for video games. You can find some of her work at

Justin Hudgins, Engineer

Justin is a recent graduate studying Creative Writing and Computer Science who spends far more time watching "terrible" television and playing video games than he should. You could attempt to find his work either written or programmed, but as of right now, you'd be wholly unsuccessful. To make up for this tragedy, here's a link to bongo cat instead

Braden Hajer, Keeper of the Sound

Braden is a composer, writer, tournament organizer, digital artist, and self-certified Stevie Wonder expert. He has every limb trapped deep in separate rabbit holes simultaneously. Help. Whenever he can actually share the music he writes, you can find it on

Josephine Markin, Engineer

Josephine (she/her) is a game designer, programmer, and pursuer of an unfortunate number of other endeavors. Her passion is creating and telling stories, be it through D&D campaigns, writing, making games, or other nefarious methods. Unfortunately, you cannot find her.