"Every Winter gives way to Spring. For most people, this is a passive event: something that happens naturally thanks to the positions of hemispheres and stars.

But I know the reason why Winter ends. I know because the Wind told me."

At Winter's End is a cozy narrative dice-rolling RPG about 12-year-old Noel growing up in the forest of spirits. Explore the forest and complete quests while rolling dice to see how Noel responds to the challenges they face.

Play as Noel, a 12-year-old child who has grown up exploring the lakes and woods surrounding their home. These are no ordinary woods, however, and in these woods, Noel has befriended the spirits of the woods. The Wind, Lake, and Stone are just a few of their best friends. Stone, the oldest spirit of nature, told them once that nature only appears to the youngest humans, and that one day they'd no longer be able to see nature the same way. Thirteen years is all they get with these friends.

Every winter, it's Stone's job to explain to Winter that the season is over and it's time to leave. But this year, Stone is sick and has lost its voice, so Noel is tasked with speaking to Winter in just one week's time. On the Spring Equinox, Noel's birthday, they must talk to Winter and ask it to allow spring to come. Along the way, Noel will have to assist the spirits of the forest in preparing for spring, talking to them, exploring the forest and helping them make tough decisions with the help of their trusty dice. Along the way, Noel will learn about responsibility, growing up, and eventually, how to say goodbye.

Join Noel as they spend one last season the forest of their childhood in At Winter's End.

At Winter's End is available now on Steam!